Made with Reclaimed Wood, Felled Trees, and/or Metal.

From barn wood to live edge pieces.

American grown, American salvaged, American made.


Custom designed and carefully handcrafted furniture pieces built for your home and office, crafted to last generations. Bring us your vision, ideas, and inspiration pictures, and together, we’ll create the piece meant for you and your home or commercial space. Imagine sitting down to your table, bar, or in front of your fireplace with a breath of pride, saying, “I designed and curated this! And it’s everything I could have dreamed of!”

We’ll guide you through a series of questions and conversations to fully understand your needs and space.  We’ll educate you on your choices of lumber and why each species would be good (or not so much) for your inspiration.  We’ll draw up designs and send back and forth until you’re comfortable and ready to move forward.  From there, we stay in touch throughout the project with more pictures/videos (or you can stop by ANY time if you’re in Central Illinois!) until the day it’s ready to call your own!



With our 52" saw mill and 26' kiln, we are able to effectively and efficiently process your log or lumber.
52" Wide, 24' Long
Sawmill Services
Kiln Dry
6' Wide, 26' Long
Kiln Drying
What our customers are saying...
  • "This is the table Sangamon Reclaimed made for us.

    But it is clearly more than a table.
    It is a place where our family can gather.
    It was a place where I would sit as I battled cancer. (I am doing great and will be sitting around this table for many years).
    Thank you for your work. Your company does not make tables, you make a space for memories."

    Custom Table

    14' Long Felled Tree from their Family Property
    See the Table 
  • "You can't find this stuff in big box stores. Whenever I need a unique piece, I come here. Whenever I need advice, I come here. Whenever I need large pieces (wide slabs or long lumber), I come here. They go out of their way to make sure I find what I'm looking for, and if they don't have it they know so many people that someone does.

    I can't say enough positive things about this business."


    Purchases lumber from our kiln dried stock and utilizes our machinery to make his work more efficient.
  • "Once again, The cabinet is a True Work of Art.

    The Craftsmanship is amazing.

    I am so proud to own this.

    Thanks to everyone at Sangamon Reclaimed who made this happen.

    From the dream I had, to this result.

    Thank you so much."

    Return Customer

    Many pieces have been curated for this customer.
  • local lumber

    All Lumber comes from locally fallen trees or structures that need taken down.

    Preserving History 
  • Handmade in america

    All products and milled lumber are produced by a skilled team of local craftsmen. We believe in supporting our community.

  • sustainably and ethically sourced

    With a focus on little waste and care for our land, lumber is only used from necessary removals.

    Barn Removal 
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