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Investing in skills means better products for customers at Sangamon Reclaimed

  •   October 21, 2019
  •   Amanda Compton
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At Sangamon Reclaimed it’s important to provide learning opportunities for our employees. We recently sent operations manager, Zack Patton, to the Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, Indiana. Investing in our team’s skills means better products for our customers. Marc Adams School of Woodworking has a great reputation and Zack came away having learned a whole lot more about why we prepare, cut, and finish wood in the way we do.

Zack, who was earlier this year, promoted to his current position, joined the company in May 2018. As a result of the weeklong course, he now has a better understanding of how to properly put our pieces together from start to finish. From picking boards to make the best design, properly preparing the wood to make the entire process more efficient, understanding how the wood is going to move and to account for that movement, and how to finish a piece to look exactly how a customer wants it.

Among other things, Zack learned how to hand chisel dovetail joints and techniques when sanding and finishing a product, how to cut a tree during the milling process, and basic tool safety.

Zack will pass on his new skills to the rest of the team. He said, “I think the most important thing I learned is the safety knowledge relating to the major machines we use. Also, how to make the most effective cuts, precision cuts, and overall better production and efficiency that will follow.”

Each of us prides ourselves on crafting custom heirloom quality furniture, which can be passed down through future generations.

“Before this class, I knew the ‘how’ to make products, the basic understanding of if I take some wood and use these tools, and some glue, I can make a tabletop,” said Zack.  “After this class, I have the ‘why’ and this has dramatically changed how I look at each project. Now, when a customer has an idea for a project, I can think not only how I can build it, but why should I build it in a certain way to ensure it turns out how they want it. Most importantly I can make sure it will last over time. In doing this it will help me become the best woodworker I can.”

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