Why Reclaimed Wood?

Why Reclaimed Wood?

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Incorporating reclaimed wood in your home decreases the demand for newly harvested virgin wood from forests. Felling virgin forests involves transportation and processing of the trees, which has a massive impact on the environment.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION All of the reclaimed wood that we use to create pieces of residential and commercial furniture Sangamon Reclaimed has dismantled and/or sourced reclaimed wood from barns, churches, and homes built in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Each of these structures carries with it a piece of our nation's history. With the help of a local historian we are able to pass on the history of these structures to each of our clients. Each piece we build is not only a unique piece f furniture, but also a conversation piece that can be passed on for future generations.

CHARACTER Why fake the character and charm of reclaimed wood when you can have an original piece? Whether it’s a dining room table, barn doors, or a mantle you’ll never get the same effect or finish with a new piece of wood that you get with one that has been reclaimed from an old barn or church.

UNIQUE You can’t buy old growth wood unless it has been painstakingly reclaimed and treated with the care and respect it deserves. Because of the diversity of old growth forests, these are now protected, so you can’t drop in at your hardware store and grab a piece of old growth for your home project. You can if you visit us at Sangamon Reclaimed.

DURABILITY & STRENGTH Because the reclaimed wood that we use is old growth lumber it is extremely durable. Most, if not all, of the reclaimed wood we use, has been salvaged from barns and churches constructed more than 100 years ago… and most of the time they are still standing pretty strong.

ORIGINAL Each piece of furniture is 100% original it is not mass-produced. With reclaimed wood, you will not find any two pieces the same. If you want a piece for your home or business that is different from everything else you should choose reclaimed wood.

SOUGHT AFTER The unique beauty, character, durability, and history of reclaimed wood means it’s extremely sought after for use as beams, decking, planking, siding, mantels, furniture, feature walls and barn doors.

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