The Lane Project -Reclaimed Wood in Kitchen

The Lane Project -Reclaimed Wood in Kitchen

We absolutely loved working on the Lane project, which resulted in one of the most beautiful kitchen remodels we’ve seen.

Lars and Jake handcrafted four floating shelves and built a stunning island top from the wood we reclaimed at the Colfax Hardware Store at 116 E. Main Colfax, Illinois.

We’ve had the pleasure of working on so many projects incorporating the Colfax Hardware Store, which in2017 due to deterioration was slated for demolition, but not before we were able to preserve nearly 8,000-board ft. of lumber for reuse today. We’re extremely proud to preserve for future generations a thriving business that served the hardworking farmers of McLean & Livingston County, Illinois for more than a century. You can find more on the history of Colfax Hardware Store here.

Thank you to the Lane family for providing these amazing photos.

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