Our new WOOD KILN is now in service!

Our new WOOD KILN is now in service!

We are extremely excited to have our new Nyle L200 wood kiln in service. This gives us the ability to dry up to 4,000 board feet of wood at a time with complete control of the operational temperature and moisture of the material. We will offer custom drying for lumber, slabs, and heat treating of reclaimed wood for our clients.

Temperature and humidity inside the kiln are controlled by the wet bulb and dry bulb sensors. The temperature control turns the supplemental heat on and off as needed. Wet bulb is the most accurate way to measure humidity and it controls the operation of the compressor. Also, this controller provides four digital readouts of wood moisture content. The system can be set to shut down when all four probes read the target moisture content.

As you can tell we’re pretty excited about our most recent purchase. If you have any interest in using the kiln or would like to find out more just let us know.

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