Texas Project -Furniture & Architectural Pieces for New Office

Texas Project -Furniture & Architectural Pieces for New Office

In October, woodworkers TJ and Zack made the 917-mile drive to Austin, Texas to deliver a trailer loaded with furniture and architectural pieces to our client’s offices new site in Texas.

Among the many items was a 40inch by 10ft conference table handcrafted from word reclaimed at the Colfax Hardware Store in Colfax, Illinois. The delivery also included nine cabinets, with the cabinet boxes constructed by JC Custom Woodworking, and the cabinet doors handcrafted by our guys at Sangamon Reclaimed. JC Custom Woodworking also engraved two 9ft by 4ft front doors for the project.

The 19th-century building that is now home to our client in Austin, Texas has 16 beams, each 13ft, and a further 12, at 12ft, all 12 inches wide and now wrapped in materials reclaimed in, and around, Illinois.

Our team worked on the project for three weeks and the most complex aspect of the order was the build of 35 panels. Each panel was handcrafted from reclaimed wood (from a building in Chicago), more than 100 years old, bent, twisted, settled and in need of serious attention. The panels were each 3 inches wide cut from pieces anywhere from four to 48 inches wide. Some of the panels are made of 150 pieces. We also delivered 2,500lbs of steel to hang alongside the panels.

TJ has been a member of our team since 2016 and at 22 years old our youngest. If you’ve purchased one of our Flags for Heroes TJ will have built it for you. Zack, 30, joined us in May last year is our Director of Sales and primarily works on our popular live edge pieces. You can see our live edge tables in local Springfield businesses, such as Free Press Coffee on the MacArthur Boulevard corridor.

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