The BLAKELEY Barn [1886 - 2016 | Kilbourne, IL]

Blakely Barn removal

On land located in Kilbourne, IL, the Blakeley barn stood at 40 feet tall with beautiful dark red and grey pine wood siding on the exterior and pine beams held together by pegs in the interior. The occupation of Mr. Blakeley in 1886 was to farm crops and raise livestock. The barn was used to house a variety of livestock including sheep and cattle on the main level and hay in the upper level. The current landowner is 4th generation owner of the Blakeley grounds. He not only remembers helping out with the livestock as a child (and as an adult has also used the barn to house his own livestock) but has a fond memory of jumping out of the hayloft with his cousins.


Location: Kilbourne, Mason County, Illinois

Latitude / Longitude: 40.200531, -90.011512


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