The HERNDON Barn [1873 - 2015 | Rochester, IL]

The HERNDON Barn [1873 - 2015  |  Rochester, IL]

The Herndon Barn was constructed in 1873 and made completely of rough-sawn pine.  It was built by Archer Herndon, whose brother William Herndon, was Abraham Lincoln’s law partner.  This barn remained in the Herndon family until it was deconstructed in 2015, under ownership of Archer Herndon’s great-great granddaughter.

William Herndon, Lincoln’s law partner, was elected mayor of Springfield, IL in 1854.  Lincoln was quoted in saying that Herndon “was my man always above all other men on the globe.”  William and Archer’s father, also named Archer, was involved in politics as state senator, and was one of the men instrumental in having the state capital moved to Springfield.  As you can see, this family was well routed in the history of Springfield and the connection to the Lincoln family.

This barn, not only held historical significance to the Herndon family, but was instrumental in further launching our business.  A majority of all of our beam stock used for table legs, mantels, and other projects were reclaimed from this barn and now live on in the pieces created.

Our goal at Sangamon Reclaimed is to honor our past and preserve it for future generations to come.  The heirloom-quality pieces we built allow this structure to live on for years to come.


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