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Our goal for these events is to provide you a space and opportunity to learn a new skill, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy a local event! You are given as much space or help as you would like! You are in the driver’s seat of your experience.


  • Attire: The shop is DIRTY and DUSTY. Just know your clothes (and hair) will get some sawdust on them. Please wear closed toed shoes and avoid loose fitting clothing that could potentially get caught in a machine (this includes hoodie strings or shirt ties that dangle).

  • If you plan on really getting into the work with your own 2 hands, we suggest you pull your hair back!

  • We will provide ear and eye protection, but you are more than welcome to bring your own!

  • At this time, we ask that you wear a mask as we want to do our part to avoid “the spread”.

  • Bring your own Food and Beverages! We just ask that any alcoholic beverages stay closed until the sanding portion of our event.

  • We do have a fridge on site (it’s not the prettiest or cleanest) and restrooms.

  • You will be in our shop where our Craftsmen design and create masterpieces; you are more than welcome to wander around and check the place out! Just watch your fingers 🙂

  • You will have the opportunity to be involved as much or as little as you please. A craftsman will be with you at any of the “sharp” stations, but you will be given plenty of space to enjoy time with those you came with.

  • Your board is YOURS to create and design. Check out Pinterest, Google, or Etsy for design ideas. Want some handles? Pick some up at the local Hardware store (any cabinet handles will do!). We will provide some pre-cut boards to choose from, but can also cut and plane a piece for you as well! We want you to have whatever amount of freedom you want.


    Any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

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