Reclaimed Wood, whether it be Barn Wood or Felled Trees, possesses a character all its own! Years of nature and weather have shaped and formed each piece. Man-made items have added to, or taken away, character from the lumber. And we strive to accentuate those differences and characteristics (called patina). The history behind EACH piece of lumber tells stories that would otherwise be lost or forgotten. From change-makers to family members, our lumber expresses the story of generations.

Prior to purchasing from or commissioning Sangamon Reclaimed, please be sure this is the look and story you want your space to tell. While some pieces claim straight grains and little movement, some pieces are wild and sporadic. We will do everything in our power to be sure you are completely happy with your piece - including sending pictures and videos of each speck, there will be characteristics about each piece of wood that comes from us. We ask that you put thought into this matter prior to purchasing.

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What is Patina?

Reclaimed wood posses checks, cracks, striations, knots, and discolorations that typically cannot be replicated. These are caused by nature and cared for by us. These will be noticeable in most circumstances.

What can I expect from the Process of ordering from or commissioning Sangamon Reclaimed?

Some household and pre-made items are available online. You can find those by going to the Shop section of the website.

However, if you are commissioning a custom project, the process is entirely different. This will include an initial consultation by email, text, or phone to discuss your project(s). Here we will need: Dimensions, discuss species of wood/stain colors/finish options, design aspects and functionality. It is helpful to have images of the space or drawings of your vision. We will take design liberties as necessary to ensure you receive the project of your dreams!

From there, an estimate is created and sent to you. We discuss, and when you're ready, you can Approve. This sends your project to our production team and onto the list. Production times vary depending on project and current cue, we will advise you on timeline prior to Approval.

When your project comes due to the production team, we will verify details prior to beginning, upon your final approval we will begin your project and keep you updated along the way.

Upon completion, images and videos are sent and your project is packaged up for shipment/delivery.

What kind of finishes can I choose from?

We use 2 types of finish AFTER the stain (if you choose to stain your piece). One is an indoor finish that can be applied in glossy, semi-gloss, or flat. This is our Conversion Varnish or 2k poly (depending on the project). The other is our outdoor finished - manufactured by Polarion - and does not need to be refinished. HOWEVER, the UV rays from the sun are extremely damaging to wood as well as water, when it is allowed to freeze and thaw repeatedly. Because of this, we ask that you cover your wooden projects if they will be exposed to UV rays or water, this includes large windows that are not protected with a UV resistant glass.

Staining a piece

Every piece of furniture will have a unique grain pattern and slight color variation as a result of the grain pattern. We cannot guarantee exact stain matches. Wood does have a mind of its own and every piece of wood accepts stain differently. We will use the correct stain or paint color that you requested for your order, but there is a strong chance the color will vary slightly from the image. This is normal.

We provide our standard line of stains at no additional charge. These can be viewed by requesting Color Samples from our office.

We canNOT match stain colors. However, we can provide you with a scrap piece of the lumber species we will be using for your project, and you can take to your local finish shop where they can color match for you. We will simply need the Stain Codes from that shop. Or you can purchase the stain from them and send to us. *We cannot rework staining that did not come out exactly as you had in mind because wood has a mind of its own.

The smoother finish you would like for your table to have, the lighter your stain will be. The more that your table is distressed, the darker your stain will be. Wood has pores, and the more the wood is sanded, those pores close up - allowing less stain into the wood - resulting in a lighter color. The more distressed a table is, generally it means that the pores of the wood are still open, and it will accept more stain making it darker.

Is every piece Kiln Dried?

Yes! Our material is ready to install or build with, because of this all of our products are kiln dried to 6-10% moisture content to prevent cracking, warping, or other problems that arise from working with wet wood. Each kiln load also undergoes a 140 degree organic life kill to be sure there are no uninvited guests in your space.

When do I need to have payment ready for a Custom Project?

After consultations and Approved Estimates, we move your project to the Production Line as soon as we receive a 50% deposit.

The final 50% deposit is due upon delivery.

Should you need a payment plan option, please contact our office to discuss.

What is your current lead time?

AFTER your deposit is received, you will be given a lead time. Lead times are PURELY ESTIMATES. There are times we can deliver well under the estimated time and times that production issues have delayed completion.

We will not deliver a project that does not pass quality inspection. Due to the nature of reclaimed wood and its want to do its own thing, there are times we have to completely re-work a project because the lumber moved opposite of planned.

We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. Please know this if you're placing an order in hopes of receiving for a special occasion. We will always do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee anything.

Before placing an order with us, please give thought to this and be sure to communicate clearly any deadlines you are trying to meet.

What payment methods can I use?

Cash, Check, Card, Venmo, and Paypal are accepted.

*There is a 3% fee when using Card, Venmo, or Paypal. This fee is included in the Estimate for all custom projects and automatically applied to items purchased online.

Will there be Wear and Tear on my piece?

Your project is protected with three or more coats of industrial grade Conversion Varnish.  However, your table will experience regular wear and tear over time.  The only way to avoid these is to never use your piece. 

If you do not want your seat bottoms or benches scratched you can use seat cushions and please be careful when sitting on your chairs in blue jeans with buttons/zippers and the like. 

We cannot guarantee that your furniture will not scratch, and these types of scratches are not covered in our Guarantee.

We celebrate the true uniqueness of every piece of solid wood furniture that is built and finished by hand in our wood shop. It is our hope that you will as well.

What are shipping times and costs?

Shipping times depend entirely on the project being shipped. For Household Goods, items under 50 lbs, and Home Decor, You can expect a 7 day Shipping time AFTER the project is finished.

Currently, project creation times for Household Goods are 6-8 weeks. This includes items such as: Barnwood Flags, Kitchen Goods, Wall art, and standard Shelves/Mantels.

What do I do if the item I received is damaged or defective?

If your product arrives damaged or defective, please contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve the problem quickly. We ask that you send your Invoice number, and a picture of the issue. This will help with quality control, and prevent the same situation in the future.

* Remember - This is RECLAIMED wood and has character all its own. Cracks, checks, knots, and patina are original to YOUR piece, caused by nature, and cared for by us. If these characteristics do not suit you, please put a lot of thought into purchasing your project from us.

What is your exchanges, returns and refunds policy?

Due to the nature of the custom pieces we provide, returns and exchanges are not accepted. If a piece has sustained damage due to manufacturing or shipping, we will either repair or replace depending on the damage incurred. If, however, damage has occurred due to negligence or improper care of your piece, we can only repair or replace at a cost.

*Remember - This is RECLAIMED wood and has character all its own. Cracks, checks, knots, and patina are original to YOUR piece, caused by nature, and cared for by us. If these characteristics do not suit you, please put a lot of thought into purchasing your project from us.