Our story

Founded by a local Veteran Firefighter, Sangamon Reclaimed carries the values it was founded on and sets out to accomplish the mission it was designed for: Providing generational pieces built to provide a space to make memories, admire, and carry our history into our future. Each of our projects are designed specifically for your space, style, and function allowing the unique characteristics of every piece of wood shine through.

We are a family owned and operated business who strives to give back to our community, support when we can, employ local craftsmen, and build an American Made manufacturing company in the heart of the Midwest.


    Provide handcrafted, heirloom-quality furniture from 100+ year-old American barns, buildings and fallen trees. Our projects span from residential to commercial use, all prepared in our purpose-built workshop in Springfield, IL to preserve history for future generations to cherish across the country.

    We seek to be an integral resource in the central Illinois lumber community providing sustainably-sourced high quality hardwood lumber and full service lumber milling and drying operations to meet the unique needs of local residents and tradesmen to preserve or prepare their own hardwood to be crafted into their own heirloom-quality pieces.


    Our vision is for families and businesses to enjoy the craftsmanship of beautiful handmade furniture that are shroud in American history, built by veterans and local craftsmen, preserved for generations across the nation and aid in residents’ personal pursuits of lumber restoration and reclamation.


    Built on Family values, we give back to the community that created us, employ and educate local residents, and stay grounded in american made pieces.

    our employees are extremely skilled craftsmen from all walks of life who are constantly evolving and growing. we research industry standards and design techniques. we are committed to education and development as well as serving our nation.