At Sangamon Reclaimed, we take pride in EACH piece we put our hands on.  The commissions that come from our shop are hand crafted and built to withstand another lifetime. Reclaimed lumber is a beautiful part of our history that we are carrying into the future for generations. 

It shows character of centuries of its time from the 100 years it stood as a tree to the next 100 it stood as a barn.  It carries exposure to the elements, hosted organic life, supported structures, and protected many items from the outside world. 

Because of the many lives reclaimed lumber lived, every piece is unique and shows signs of its lives.  Bug holes, sun bleach, cracks, knicks, knots, tree limbs, roots, nail holes, grain patterns, etc... are all a part of our reclaimed lumber and will show up in different ways.  We celebrate this patina and build our pieces to accentuate the unique characteristics of each piece of lumber.

Due to the nature of live edge pieces, please allow 1-5" variation in widths, all of which will be discussed with you prior to and during production. 

We use solid, local, hard and soft wood lumber.  Solid wood will expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity (think of the seasons, leaving doors/windows open, etc...). FOR OUR RECLAIMED TOPS, this means that the gaps/cracks may appear and disappear over time.  This movement is accounted for in ALL of our designs and pieces and does not affect structural integrity nor is it considered defective. We join all of our top edges to allow the piece to move as a whole.  You will still see the beautiful and natural open knots on jointed table tops.

No two pieces are exactly alike since your item is crafted to your order specifications. We celebrate the true uniqueness of every piece of solid wood  that is built and finished by our skilled team of craftsmen.

If these variations are not appreciated or respected, please consider strongly if you should purchase a handmade reclaimed wood piece.